EDIBLE Shea Butter – A Healthy Alternative To Fats / Oils

Fresh Shea fruit

A Healthy Alternative To Fats / Oils

EDIBLE Sheabutter is a big part of my memories in Ghana - West AFRICA. From home-cooked Soul food from the village to street foods in the city full of flavour. Edible Sabutter has a beautiful aroma that carries happy moments from my childhood.

We have all spent our childhood in a village, whether it was to just visit, or sometimes, even stay with relatives during those blessed summer vacations.

I may not know your story but Mother Nature keeps us together through the village. While many of you reading this might stay in cities, there’s always a deep connection to one’s home, or a place where one’s family originated. Such is the lure of a village. So even for kids, going back and visiting their roots is an important activity, as it helps them understand where they came from, what life is like, and how special the relationship is with those who live there.

Our freshly handmade unrefined shea butter is a traditional cooking fat, that when heated melts to an oil with a characteristically light smoky nutty aroma. It has been used for generations in the Savannah Shea Belt as a healthy fat. Unrefined Shea Butter is an all natural, vegan-friendly alternative to other lards and butters. Shea butter is also a healthier alternative to transfat-rich, hydrogenated oils often used in confectionery and baked goods manufacturers.

Benefits of cooking with Sheabutter

Hamamat Edible Sheabutter

In traditional knowledge and experience, Edible Sheabutter is a cholestrol free butter that keeps food moist because of its nature. A natural healthy way to eat with healing benefits for wellbeing.

The Food Industry

In recent times, the food industry has become more conscious of customers' health and therefore looked for alternative ingredients to substitute animal fats for shea butter. Unrefined shea butter is a widely used natural ingredient in chocolate making, ice-creams, and other confectionery products due to its healthy fat composition.

For example - how shea in Chocolate is used.

The fat percentage of a typical chocolate filling contains approximately 30% fat, so the choice and combination of fats is essential to provide a great customer taste and texture experience. The unique properties of edible Shea fat, adds significant versatility to all product development including coatings and finished goods.

Using shea delivers the following beneficial properties:

Healing nutrition
Improved shelf life
Better heat stability
Increased melting point
Reduced ‘bloom’ formation

Traditionally Edible SheaButter is used in cooking all foods.
Stews, soups, grills, cake, pies, chips, can all be made using Edible sheabutter learn more through my vidoes below.

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