Hamamat Africa

Edible Shea Butter


Beautiful skin starts from the inside out.
If you are looking for a natural healthy unadulterated cooking oil then our edible shea butter is the best option for you.

Our Edible shea butter is freshly handmade premium shea butter, the purest form of shea butter. Grade A edible shea butter.

Growing up in Tamale, Ghana - West Africa all we eat is Shea butter. We cook with it every day.

To taste Edible shea butter visit our village in Ghana – West Africa.
Keep your skin healthy from the inside out with shea butter.

Benefits of Edible Sheabutter:

  1.  Cholesterol-free
  2.  Sugar-free
  3.  Sodium-free
  4.  Not Associated With Weight Gain and Obesity
  5.  Contains Large Amounts of Antioxidants and Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  6.  Rich in healthy fats
  7.  Prevents and heals stomach pains
  8.  Has significant levels of vitamins A and E, which means it promotes strong antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are important anti-aging agents. They protect your skin cells from free radicals that can lead to premature aging and dull-looking skin.