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Our Mission

Creating More Jobs in Africa

These indigenous herbs and oils have been used in Africa for centuries, we believe once you are here – you are ready or already on an all Natural journey.

Enjoy a different kind of skincare - the African way

Following our eco-friendly oriented technique of making oils & butter allows for once in a life time body moisturizers that will simply change your skin, body & beauty forever.

My Village Pride

In the village all we ever use on our skin is freshly handmade sheabutter, Natural oils, herbs and ingredients that are locally grown in Africa 🌍 We believe in the magic of sheabutter, we also believe in the healing powers of indigenous AFRICAN herbs and plants so we mix the two in our products.

We present a selection of essential oils and aromatic treasures produced around the AFRICAN continent blessed with an abundance of herbal plants growing in unique ecosystems not found in other parts of the world.

Our Children and Their Skin

If you have children, give them beautiful skin. Teach them simple skincare, all we use is Sheabutter as children and when Sheabutter is used right & consistently the skin eventually gets polished. ✨ I grew up using only Shea Butter on my skin, it was only after I was crowed a Beauty Queen 👑 at 17years that I realized how beautiful my skin is.🤗

Our Secret

This is how we do it in my village. Anytime I share videos from villages in Africa, everyone is always so interested in how they have such Beautiful natural skin 😉

Apart from a healthy diet, people in the village use only RAW, NATURAL ingredients for their skin . 😋 For Example: the elderly woman in blue in the picture, is 98 years old and the Queen mother of my village. 😱 All she uses is Sheabutter, skincare routine is very simple in the village .

My Message

The women who make the best sheabutter in the world live in the village , so we spend most of our time in the village.

This is me with some of the children in the village. We took this photo after a football match on a Sunday.

Thank you #KingsandQueens for the EXPERIENCE . Keep the traditions and techniques of AFRICA alive. Shop Handmade in Africa

- Hamamat