‘Shea-ing’ is Caring

Hello KingsandQueens and Welcome to 2022

As the world as we know it becomes even more uncertain [you can blame COVID 19 for that], one certainty still holds true – We must preserve and sustain our communities and natural resources.

Mother Nature throws several challenges at us but at the same time it presents us with the solutions to these selfsame problems.

Considering the fact that Ghana, like much of the West Africa, is in the throes of harmattan season the value of the shea crop cannot be overstated. The severity of the harmattan depends on which part of where you find yourself. That notwithstanding, it is imperative that you treat yourself to the best skincare available using the most effective natural ingredient
available – Shea Butter!

The harmattan season usually begins in November and runs through to March. The season is characterized by sharp declines in humidity in the air, dryness and spells of dust waves. In its wake people suffer dry skin, cracked lips and soles of their feet. Most women also dread the season due the extensive breakages its causes to their hair.

In spite of all these tribulations, our shea butter, produced using pristine traditional processes remains the truly unquestioned solution to your skin and hair challenges this time of year.

Shea butter works impeccably as a moisturizer and this is arguably its most important quality against dry skin. The harsh harmattan conditions drains valuable moisture from the skin leaving it dry and scaly. The fat content of shea butter is able counteract dryness by locking in value moisture in the skin to keep it hydrated.

Consequently, your skin stays supple and glowing even in the harshest harmattan, all thanks to shea butter.

As an antioxidant, Shea butter works superbly by releasing important vitamins that are capable of offsetting anti-aging. Skin cells can age prematurely courtesy of harmful elements called free radicals. Shea can release its anti-aging properties which increases circulation to the skin and promote cell renewal.

The sun can be unforgiving during the harmattan and adds to the other ill effects. It can deal further damage to the skin when left unchecked. However, shea butter has us covered. The healing elements of shea butter works as a sunblock to negate the ill effects of continuous exposure to sunlight.

Beauty Tips

As much as shea butter is a capable of resolving skin and hair constraints, there are a few hacks you can use to get the most out it.

i. Edible sheabutter heals the skin from the inside out .
ii. Moisturize Delicate Skin.
iii. Make Your Lips More Kissable


The magic of shea butter is unparalleled and is one of God’s gifts to humanity. The cost of preserving our natural beauty and physical healing courtesy of shea comes at price.

Bearing in mind that the shea crop is under threat from various reasons such as climate change and human error, it is immensely important that it is conserved and preserved for future generations.

Also, the communities within the shea belt need to be empowered so the value chain is a sustainably rewarding enterprise.

That is why the Hamamat Village is eternally focused on building and empowering ‘shea communities’ to continue to deliver nature’s goodness to everyone anywhere in the world. This year we will be integrating more women into our production process to ensure endless supply of shea products on the market.
As this point, climate change is an undeniable fact therefore we will be stepping up our conservation efforts to protect the shea belt and keep it productive for years to come.

We are marching into 2022 with renewed optimism and desire to change our world one community at a time.

Welcome to 2022!!!


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