Welcome Home #KingsandQueens:

Welcome to my village  #KingsandQueens:


I'm Hamamat, a proud descendant of a long line of shea butter royalty from Tamale, Ghana. My lineage spans five generations, deeply rooted in the Savannah region, the heartland of shea butter.


My grandmother, a self-taught herbalist and a revered figure in our village, traveled the globe sharing her profound knowledge of plant medicine. Despite never attending school, she mastered English and educated scholars in prestigious universities and hospitals worldwide. 


Her expertise earned her honorary doctorates from esteemed institutions like the University of Germany, the University of Switzerland, Princeton University in the USA, and Kwame Nkrumah University in Ghana.


I vividly recall a conversation with her after a doctorate ceremony. In her gentle voice, she asked, 'Hamamat, can I pass my certificate to you when I'm gone?' When I responded no, she expressed her disbelief and emphasized that the true essence of our existence lies in passing knowledge, not certificates. She made me promise to never cease spreading the word about the healing powers of shea butter, regardless of where life takes me.


So, here I am today, honoring my grandmother's legacy and fulfilling my promise by sharing the miraculous benefits of shea butter with you all."


Sheabutter was originally created by village  Midwives to help in easy childbirth us it serves as a natural lubricant which is good for both mother and baby but soon The use of sheabutter has been in our culture for generations it has even been dated to have been used in war by Yaa Asantewaa , but it got popular amongst women kings like cleopatra, Nefertiti and yaa asantewaa. All through the history of shea butter, it has been used in various ways even  during times of war:

1. **Wound Healing:** Shea butter has natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties, making it useful for treating wounds and injuries sustained during battles. Its ability to soothe and heal the skin would have been valuable in a time when medical resources were limited.

2. **Skin Protection:** Soldiers in ancient Africa might have used shea butter to protect their skin from the harsh conditions of the battlefield, such as extreme sun exposure and dry winds.

3. **Muscle Fatigue:** Shea butter's ability to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue would have been beneficial for warriors after long days of fighting or marching.

4. **Weapon Maintenance:** Some historical accounts suggest that shea butter was used to maintain and protect metal weapons, keeping them in good condition and preventing rust.



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