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Hi there Kings and Queens!

DID YOU KNOW that moderate exposure to direct sunlight contributes to the production of MELANIN and VITAMIN D by the body?

Sunbathing has been in our culture for traditions to beautify & enhance our skin tone especially when it's uneven. After such a long pandemic year and lock down – the best you can do for your skin and body is to lay in the sun for at least 10 minutes. Sunlight is inimical to bacteria and germs on the skin. Hamamat African Beauty shares with you, how our ancestors cared for their skin and beauty before the use of chemicals.  Sunlight is a healer and we benefit from it just the way nature intended.

BAKE YOUR SKIN  this summer with essential oils and indigenous African herbs that will even out your skin tone after just 10 minutes in the sun.

This oil works for all skin tones & types. It leaves skin even and glowing. If you have uneven skin tone then you need to be baking your skin not bleaching.


A mixture of our virgin coconut oil with hibiscus

  • shea butter oil
  • moringa oil
  • Secret indigenous African herbs which enhances melanin production & a rich deep connection with the earth.


Enhances melanin and even out skin tone. 

How to use

Shake bottle, pour into the palm and rub on skin. Lay in the sun for between 10 – 25 minutes.

100% natural
Handmade in Ghana – West Africa by women from the @SheabutterVillageSpa