Shea Black Face Wash (113g)

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Hi there Kings and Queens!

Banish negative feelings & low vibration unwanted energy from your Skin & Body. Our soap is packed with essential nutrients designed to enhance your face natural complexion and help you glow from the inside out.


  • It’s antifungal
  • It is great for acne and oily face
  • It helps prevent razor bumps and related rashes
  • It helps improve skin texture

How to use

The Goddess makes bath time a ritual.

Set your intentions:

  • Eg: ( I am healing my skin from the inside out )
  •  Wash your face with this all-natural healing soap.
  • Rub slowly – Enjoy the feel of your skin.
For best results use Day & Night


Made with freshly handmade Shea butter, secret indigenous healing herbs, roasted banana peels & a rich deep connection with the earth.

Handmade in
Ghana – West Africa by women from the @SheabutterVillageSpa